Learning is Fun?

For many people the word "education" is associated with images of classrooms, maths and science lessons which never did come in handy in later life. Luckily most under 5's have never heard of the word, don't know what it means but love to learn. Every day from birth for a developing child is an exploration of the world around them, every new face and place a discovery. The wonder and excitement of this time for both parent and child is very important and one of the jobs which goes along with being a parent is that of teacher. A person to help guide the excitement of discovery and to nurture the sense of wonder as a child's social, emotional, physical and mental development passes through key milestones. Whether it's learning to share or taking those first steps, both you and your child work together to get there.

And the best way to get there? Play!

Some Background

The origins of Wonderbox began many years ago when Alice, the Director and company founder, started writing articles for Nursery World magazine. The articles were very much based on aspects of practical childcare issues rather than theory and proved very popular. Having written many articles and presented workshops and seminars at lots of conferences, she was always asked where could people get hold of the resources she used and demonstrated. Many of these were home made or accumulated over years of accidental discovery in various towns an cities.

Alice then began to focus her workshops on enabling people to make their own Wonderboxes and how to use them. This continued for some time but the requests kept coming - it was obvious that people wanted these resources and many didn’t have the time to go out and source or make them. The situation got even worse when Alice’s books were published.

It was obvious that we could help many people if we could source and supply these resources.

What are we all about?

The essence of Wonderbox products is that they are all designed to be shared by children and their parents or childcare professionals. We would like to encourage the emotional and social development of children as well as providing an educational benefit. For example, we do not encourage the use of audio tapes of the nursery rhymes we suggest to use since we feel that parents and children should sing them together or, for very young children, the parent should sing to the baby.

As such we do not consider our products to be toys in the traditional sense and we certainly do not encourage the use of our products for sole-play. We hope that children and parents will play and learn together building their relationship in a fun and exciting way.

Our Terms & Conditions

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